Tuesday, July 27, 2010



I like when the outside mingles with the inside, dappling...

and when the breath of rain tries
to inhale the space of my inner rooms
and moves me to breathe the deeper rustic
scent of the outer rooms she has just passed through. 

beach glass & stone
Everything writes, gestures.
"It is written" is everywhere (in everything) read
it with delight.


Where there falls from the hands of the serving girl
the pale round plate
the colour of clouds
the pieces must be picked up
while the chandelier trembles
in the masters' dining room.

from Jean Follain

Sometimes the day its light and colors on river sky branches, the dolphins passing the birds moving time with their flight, the ripe ripe everything--It spills into the eye.  Shattered by this same one serving girl. She has dropped this plate a million times, dropped this day my breath and heartbeat, the light from her fracture trembles through everything--
is. now
around your ankles invisible fire, It climbs
to wake us to the grace--a self, being Itself. 

After having fallen from the plate, one day's sun sets
this way.
Its gestures like ours, never the same.

ok. Do Not go here if you are getting peaceful now:
Band of Skulls "Fires"  : lyrics

Baby darling doll face honey
I don't mean to cause you worry
its only hands in my pocket...

I am liking this band for its story like lyrics more and more.

Fresh figs from the yard today.

Now this is an ecstasy--
summer rain dew sun sweetened (somehow) into flesh ripe and falling.  More than one could possibly consume.
Life too, more than one could possibly... ever ever ... etc.
I am thinking fig preserves,
and now i can practice that Drying setting on the oven.
Any recipes for sauces or maybe breads?

Listen, If somewhere you see a dolphin floating on her back, a laptop open on her stomach, grinning delighted, laughing a dolphin laugh. She is reading my journals. Or maybe loving looking on your blogs...  because my laptop (which just went out for repairs) is messed! I am about to throw it into the river.

Thank you all for what you give, sharing the world as you do.
always, The Cure: Just like heaven (notes to self: for August)
              all cats are grey

Peace to all who enter here. Blessings.


Line said...

these pictures are so peaceful, I love to visit your blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the dolphin has been inspired to

create her own blog,

full of sound recordings of her laughter..

Shayla said...

Beautiful photos- I loved the rain soaking through the screen

Christine said...

I too like it when the outside mingles with the inside :-))

Your photos taste so delicate today, made my heart smile. Or maybe this was from visiting. t'has happened before, you know :-))

I made cookies once with one ultra-thin slice of fig on each cookie. They looked so pretty. But you really only use a couple of figs for the batch, so no good for using a whole lot.

Maybe just eat them, till your tummy gets all funny-feeling :-))) Nono, that's not very good advice either. I'm sorry :-) I have only silly suggestions.

Wishing you sweetness and love

ArtPropelled said...

I need to walk along that beach at sunset... eating sunbaked figs.

merci33 said...

I'm with Robyn...beaches and sunbaked figs...which are completely within my reach...

your photos and commentary are sublime...I'll return for the tunes.

good luck with your laptop... and your love handles ;-)

Marjojo said...

I am always amazed, stirred and stilled, by your posts. Riches spill out here and flow into our hands, to be passed on and on and on. Good to be here.

layers said...

we are synchronized -- I just did a post today on bringing the outside in.. nature inside home and gardens-- but could be a metaphor for our inner selves.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Yes, good to be here among the warm ripe figs, days ending in pink and blue beauty and dolphins laughing out loud at laptop reveals!

neva gagliano said...

happy to have found you
from LAYERS...

rivergardenstudio said...

I have been gone for so long, missed your beautiful words that move me... feeling quiet and slow in the summer breeze and watching the curtian blow.
Your words and images fill me with wonder and joy... thank you.

Jo Spittler said...


Crafty Green Poet said...

what a lovely selection of photos and creation of mood

Ritva said...

and love

layers said...

I love the black and white imagery and the words are such a perfect match

Christine said...

Yeah :-) laughed at the "probably just fall asleep"-bit :-)) Great indicator; feeling sleepy? Go learn something new! :-)
I still turn all mellow inside when I see that beach photo of yours. The colours mess with me in the best of ways :-)