Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Solitude, my mother, tell me my life again


The sky is up above the roof
So blue, so calm
Verlaine (written while in prison)

the sky is waiting to be touched by a hand
of fabulous childhood...
E. Vandercamem


Solitude, my mother, tell me my life again.
. Milosz

I am mid-week of the second week of a liquid cleansing fast.
Adding freshly juiced fruits and vegies to the mix yesterday made as if I drank a Starbucks mocha sugar drink plus cookies.  Whoo hoo.
My beagle keeps looking at me as if to say 
"But where's the Beef momma, where's the beef !"
After a few days of silence, my husband forbidden to speak too, a certain tenderness pervades the house.
Most language used for daily life, absent, creates tangible space.
On the third day I felt like whistling, so I did.
Words came out of me later that night in the kitchen, I felt them bounce against the cabinets the counter and my husband's face. They came back at me as energy, and I knew--
words as power.
Today is the 90 years since women were given the right to vote.
I say, Vote for yourself.
Always vote for yourself, you know how you want the world.
Joan Armatrading   "there's more beauty in you than anyone"
Peace to all who enter here.


lynne h said...

M, whenever i read your words, i always feel that you have such a gift with them...

thank you...


La Dolce Vita said...

I wanted to leave a silent post, but decided I couldn't do that
such beauty here... as always.. grazie

ArtPropelled said...

M, I am drinking your words in and really appreciating the quotes. Amazing that you are into the second week of your fast. Well done! I can hear you whistling..... and wondering if I could fast that long. Not with a house full of hungry people, thats for sure!

mansuetude said...

Lynne, Thank you! I do enjoy words. Hope you are well.

La Dolce, I am loving Milosz's solitude quote. Thank you.

Robyn, Thanks! Giving up coffee with cream the week before (wasn't respecting it) helped. Some get so sick fasting I think mine is kissed by Grace.

Am feeling Fantastic.
Will keep it up until my body asks... A few nights i watched my husband eat, and even cooked for him once, thinking about hunger and excess and wealth priveledge and bounty. There is a lot to contemplate. Not talking fasting I want to explore more this week. Its fun to test ideas of limits and shoulds.

Thanda across the world!

Anonymous said...


janie said...

I've missed visiting your little oasis of the soul and I'm not sure I even believe in the soul!!But something in me is nourished by your words and images thank you.

layers said...

I always enjoy reading your posts- such wonderful little quotes and tidbits here- and the comment you left on my blog post is quite beautiful.

rivergardenstudio said...

You fill my day with beautiful words... quiet my soul, quietness as I imagine your river. thank you. roxanne

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Creating space - a vote for our precious selves. What a beautiful, beautiful post. Merci.

grrl + dog said...


like a mini vispassna? I love silence, so much can be said.

I hope you are feeling fresh inside and inside your insides.

Christine said...

This is beautiful, M. I love your description of it all, and smiled at your juicy-Starbucks-experience. :-)

I've thought of a silent retrat/yoga trip to Sweden sometime. Perhaps someday. Until then, I shall keep being inspired by you.

How did you know about the DragonFly NY?? :-) Wouldn't it be cool though? I will have to shrink me, or she will break. So I shall shrink. Of course I shall.

Can I visit you, when I come by Dragonfly? Perhaps you will show me where you live. Silently.
;o) xo

Disa said...

"vote for yourself". i'm taking that with me, i do know how i want the world too :)

ELK said...

every thing whispered here touched my heart this day ~ elk

Quark said...

"The sky it's just a version of the sea"


Finn said...

thank you mansuetude, especially for your own spelling of silence

Seth said...

What a thought provoking always. I hope the fast brings you everything that you hope it will!!

notmassproduced said...

intriguing post . thank u . x

Esti said...

whenever you feel like being silent again, I'll be there with you too. And when the words come back to you again, I want to hear them. What a beautiful post... but where's the beef?

layers said...

This is the 3rd or 4th post I have read recently on silence or solitude-- must be end of summer and autumn coming - loved your images and quotes and writing as usual.

Melita said...

Hello from Helsinki / Finland !
You got amazingly wonderful photoes here !

rivergardenstudio said...

I just had to return to read your words, they always touch my heart so. Wishing you a beautiful weekend with no tourists and sweet quiet. roxanne