Tuesday, November 30, 2010

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Richard Avendon 1967

I Want to Dance!

O, I want to dance as I have never danced!
Let God not feel himself a prisoner in me.
Earth, give me wings:
I want to be the arrow
tearing infinity,
to see only sky around me,
sky above
and sky below—
burning in waves of light
I want to dance
torn by the lightning of unborn desire
so God will breathe freely in me
and will not say:
“I am a prisoner in his dungeon!”

Lucian Blaga
(Andrei Codrescu translation)

  More about time travel.  
Very short-short story by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Eyes of a Blue Dog

an excerpt:

and she said: 'Sometimes I think I'm made of metal.' She was silent for an instant. The position of her hands over the flame varied slightly. I said: 'Sometimes in other dreams, I've thought you were only a little bronze statue in the corner of some museum. Maybe that's why you're cold.' And she said: 'Sometimes, when I sleep on my heart, I can feel my body growing hollow and my skin is like plate. Then, when the blood beats inside me, it's as if someone were calling by knocking on my stomach and I can feel my own copper sound in the bed. It's like- -what do you call it--laminated metal.' She drew closer to the lamp. 'I would have liked to hear you,' I said.
Everyone who reads this will have a special slant. Great talk sparker with friends after drinks.  Just more ado about time travel and came to mind after reading some of your wonderful comments. The inner landscape is a full time journey
and yet we traverse both.

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Thank you all for all you give,
as Always, Peace and big (mischievous) blessings


Karin Bartimole said...

now that's a dance of ecstasy!

i'm not sure what to make of the hollow cold tin woman thoughts...

mansuetude said...

You have to read the whole story to get the feel... then come back and you will know and see.

oh, that is a lovely image!
Its my New Year's motto. Love the dress, too.

hope you feel better and kick up your heels, too.

Donna Iona Drozda said...

All for this 'kick up the heals' part ...and the photo/poem supereb!

mischief maker is alive and well...boiling in the cauldron, brewing up nourishment to warm that metal up.

mansuetude said...

The (mischievous) is in honor of my brother, who always had a daring edge of exploration to his dance of life.

On that story, its "his" story, his telling, his inner life, so his time travel within himself--
the metal is just symbol (mind fashioned)evoked by thought (writer's and characters) (but maybe not).

There are too many interpretations of it for me to say much more. I picked those phrases cause i liked the writing but the story itself is a gasp of thought in a different direction.

Disa said...

supertramp :)

thank goodness for passports with endless pages for stamps from all the inner landscapes we feel compelled to travel.

mansuetude said...

see Disa, if we get Frisked at an inner airport, we can at least pick the Frisker of our choosing. ha ha.

have been wildly thinking of future privacy concerns here--the erosion erosion erosion.