Thursday, March 20, 2008



I walk past this tree
and it says to me, please--
take my flesh as paper.
write ( love ) to me.
Everything is Spring in our steps, a heap of mystery.
Do you think the human heart is like a flower of pollen bursting invisibly, everything seems available for flirting in this weather. :)Ever since grade school, i have felt this way.Is it true for all of you??
The sun is an eagle soaring round the earth, looking for its prey. It will Take you to its nest, high up
high up. It will Take your breath. Plant itself inside you--you who stands now, naked as a seed, tilling the soil of new dreams.
( thin mints )
A ,& B (why i love this?) and same with images of Russia,
C , X song and little frozen peoples (who really must wait for spring).
I also love Easter, what about you? Better than any other of the celebrations that remind us.
I asked. The Easter Bunny is bringing me carrots this year, not chocolates... :)
Peace to all !


Mary-Laure said...

I love Easter: the hats! the chocolate! the fun!!!

Christine said...

Beautiful pictures and inspiring words. And cool links. The film of the frozen lake was both beautiful and a little frightening. brrrr.
I think easter is nice - mostly because it's a sign of spring being near. Allthough it is guite cold here, easter being early this year.
Happy holidays to you:)

mansuetude said...

thank you both!
And Happy Easter; Lets keep the feeling of Spring and Renewal in our attentions all year long.

redredday said...

dear Mansuetude, magical poetry you write here...thank you for starting my day, my spring morning, with such mindful words and wondrous imagery. love the last line in the first passage, and the part about being taken by the sun and naked as a seed.
i did not grow up thinking much of Easter other than getting days off and colorful treats to eat. but this year i am a little more aware of what it means (i think).
have a happy Easter, and a big YES! to Spring and Renewal throughout the year. :).

Esti said...

Have a happy easter!
I don't celebrate easter as much as I did when I lived down south in Seville. But All in all, is great to have a few days off and have family meetings, outtings and so.
Have a great weekend!

Journey_of_Life said...

andrea tachezy said...

Happy Easter to you too ( little bit late, but I have some troubles with computer). Thank you for the nice words.

mansuetude said...

thank you everyone.

Andrea, time is not my making or keeping, don't worry here about it! :)

Redredday, thank you so much for your soulfullness, too. Its wonderful to hear your words here.

Its such a beautiful day. Create, create, sing, play. :) said...

What amazing bark. Some trees are infinitely clever.

Alice said...

i really love the way you like to get so close to things.

Erin said...

it's starting to feel like summer here already, now it's nearing the end of april. it is nearly what it will be.
those trees always speak to me too, ready and giving.