Monday, December 6, 2010



Karl Haender (Guggenheim collection)

   Who crashed Tumblr ?
   Naughty, naughty naughty.

          *i need my bookmarks. " )
ha ha


I was a child. I remember
gathering wild roses.
They had so many thorns--
I didn't want to break them--
I believed they were buds
and were going to flower.

Then I met you, O love,
you had so many thorns!
I didn't want to strip them--
I believed they would flower.

All this I review today
and smile--smile
and wander the roads
driven by wind.
I was a child.

-Lucian Blaga (trans. Codrescu)

3 doors down : "It won't take away my love"
         peace and blessings


lynne h said...

no words, only smiles... : )

: )

: )



ArtPropelled said...

The crash really effected my mood :-(
..... but now I smile and wander the roads of Tumblr again.

Christine said...

Beautiful words. The picture made me sad.
Hope you are warm and happy

mansuetude said...

lynne -- smile is a footprint in the sand out here, isn't it!

Robyn -- wondered if it was worldwide or just some servers on the east coast. I use it for private bookmarking things i want to go read later, so that is reconsidered now.

kinda funny to rely on technology at all; been thinking about the whole social/political deal of it.
We are right now in an infancy, as children to a big machine, playing.

Christine, my dear girl, i am happy and a bit chilly here, but warm inside. No snow but it sure smelled like it yesterday. Unusal cold this time of year for here--might head South to get warm later.

The picture for me is funny! The old stupid things embeded in powerless notions of control and manipulation of children (or adults) so stupid.

Who is really the dunce? The child or an adult who makes someone do something like that???

Blessings to you all.

rivergardenstudio said...

that thorns can hold blooms. thank you. roxanne

Uschi said...

look at these palmstones:

probably you can decide if to become a thorn or start to bloom.....

LauraX said...

ohhhhhh. the essence of patience and reality.

kvk said...

That silly hat just depends on your frame of reference ... five minutes in here, offers an excellent alternative.

happy day
blessings - k

layers said...

It seems sometimes that some of the most beautiful flowers have thorns- I can think of so many metaphors to life.

rivergardenstudio said...

just wondering, do you have a tumblr. blog!? roxanne