Sunday, November 4, 2012

Circle of light reflecting


Sky chord of breathing--
It is old



and Always Open. Open-ing


The within the without--flows between any boundaries made...

Earth time. A heat. A sustenance. Family
and change.

Hop on. The blur;  It moves. Quickly

but remains, essentially

feathered, season by season ...stillness; flight.

It grazes together on blooms of light;

Etched to remember

rock long stacked by hands.

Old souls. We come from all over...

tangled, rooted.
Given the name, a John Quested: what did he grasp.
Hand shaped world-- our marks fade

simply, quietly; an elegance

emerges; leaning   each to each, as we.

One Angel frowns since June 17, 1783.

Primitive the mouth the eyes; all is Spiral

and Eternal--these hours; these mirages of color the eye drinks

here where Silence leans on itself, here the majesty--within us
sight, smell, touch stitched to all the emotions of a life.

I wish Peace to all who enter here --
and these last lines from Pablo Neruda's poem

"The Gift"

I want all the hands of mankind
to knead mountains
of bread, gather
all fish in the sea,
all the fruit
of the olive,
all the love still unawakened,
and leave
in the hands of the day.

are they open. your hands
willing to give--this awakening love of which we make and are made.
I say yes


ArtPropelled said...

My eyes drink...
delicious images
and thoughts.
"Leave gifts in the hands of the day" ... love that!

Judy Shreve said...

Beautiful images and words -- inspiring and interesting!

Laura said...

so very beautiful my friend! It has been too long since I last passed this way. I offer you an invitation to join the gratitude quilt... I hope you will. Instructions can be found at the top of my blog.
gentle steps

Judy Martin said...

circle of love, within and without,
hand shaped world,
all is a spiral

lovely to read this

Leslie Avon Miller said...

I say yes and yes. Thank you for the beauty.

Laura said...

just stopping by to say hello:-)

Christine said...

Yes (thank you) wide open
:-) These are such beautiful places - both the little shop and the graveyard...

rivergardenstudio said...

Dear lover of words, what a beautiful post. I do not know how I missed this and am sorry I have been gone for so long. I thought YOU we on a trip, a vacation, a journey but here you have been.
Light circles and window frames. Feathered stillness.
Stones in their proudness.
Ahhhhh... such beauty.

Annie said...

Just stopping in to say hello. I very much enjoyed seeing this old cemetary. Merry Christmas!

layers said...

You have such lovely images and words here... Pablo Neruda is one of my favorite poets... happy holidays and happy new year!

Laura said...

just wanted to say: May this New Year be one of realized dreams… even those we did not realize we were dreaming!

Judy Martin said...

Back again to visit you and say hello.
I put Pablo's poem into my journal this time. My favourite photo in this post is the third one from the bottom.
Thanks for being here.
AFor your encouragement of our hands, kneading, gathering, leaving gifts - thank you for your guidance and support. xx

rivergardenstudio said...

"where silence leans on itself"
I had to read your words again.
A silence until spring emerges.
That is what I feel here.